Confer Plastics

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Client: Confer Plastics
Task: DVD Digital Audio Digital Video Photos - Digital
Skills: Professional Video Production Professional Non Linear Editing Professional Videography Professional Grade Equipment High Definition Cameras
Confer Plastics had a very specific need - custom instructional video.  Specific requirements for company branding were part of the project.

Confer Plastics needed to create an instructional video for purchasers of the Above Ground Curved Step pool stair system. 

As part of this project, there were very specifc requirements.  One of the requirements was to have the company's logo present at key parts of the video.  Another was to overlay an American Flag as a reminder that all of the company's products are Made In America.  In addition, several very specific pieces of information were required for an instructional video - including graphic overlays, photos from the manual, and video edited professionally. 

Confer Plastics turned to White Bird Productions.  With our professional production services, we were able to take the video clips, the logos provided by the customer, and the instruction manual and edit these into a video piece that shows in great detail how to complete assembly. 

If you are looking for a professional production facility, look no further than White Bird Productions.  We can come to your site, record your video with multiple cameras or multiple takes to get just the right viewpoint, then record a voice over, and obtain any images or logos that you would like to use, and determine what the goals of your project are.  Then we will professionally edit and produce your presentation, and can provide it to you finished and ready to distribute.  We can burn your presentation to DVD or Blu-ray, upload to the internet - FaceBook or YouTube, for example, or can publish your media digitally. 

Already have a video presentation, but it's on VHS, or it's getting old or outdated?  No problem!  We can convert it to DVD or digital, and we can even import your existing project, edit it and update it, and make it relevant for today. 

You have a choice and we thank you for choosing White Bird Productions for your video production services!  Call us today at (716) 438-3931.